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Hello and welcome to our website. We hope this site will add some interesting tidbits in your search for Operations Research information. Let's start with the definition of Operations Research as given by Philip McCord Morse & George Elbert Kimball the first time this term was introduced in their seminal book "Methods of Operations Research" published in 1950.


"Operations research" (OR) is a scientific method of providing executive departments
with a quantitative basis for decisions regarding the operations under their control


 What this scientifically precise but rather cryptic definition means for you? It means that if you are in positions where you drive critical business decisions, either strategic or tactical like deciding the location and the quantity of goods to produce or stock, or if you need to decide when and from where to procure your prime materials or services, then “Operations Research” is the management science support you’ll need in order to make the "best possible" decision. Moreover, in general, any business decision that should be fact-based and data driven falls in the field of “Operations Research”. To help you better understand this vast and technologically rich scientific domain, we present our experience organized in five “Practice Areas”. We call them practice areas because all presented solutions are based on solid and applied technologies. All operations and related activities listed below correspond to solutions supporting critical decisions made in numerous and varied occasions



Our Practice Areas

Forecasting and Planning

Operations and sales strategic and tactical alignment. Tailored processes and metrics for managing value-add activities. Strategic and tactical resource planning to fulfill given operational service levels. Specific focus on Demand Forecasting, Inventory Planning & Control and Supply Chain Demand-Supply Matching Processes risks analysis and mitigation. Read more here , here and for the potentially applicable owned proprietary technologies access the relevant US patents here and here

Value Network Design

Assist clients in delivering enhanced customer and economic value through optimized and synchronized design of the physical, information and finance flows from process input to process output and back. Read more here on an application of formal Supply Chain Network optimization.

Procurement Mastery

Enhance procurement activities to a value adding business partner contributing to both savings and growth. Make Procurement a value optimizer for top and bottom line improvement, bringing innovative products and services  to market quickly at an optimized cost. Specific focus on Logistics Procurement Strategy, the use of Technology to optimize Transportation Procurement and on Partner scoring and ranking. Read more here

Warranty and customer support

Improving product reliability does not always solve  warranty problems; there are many other factors that increase warranty costs. Aside from user-fixable problems, other factors contributing to warranty costs include sub-optimal service and support logistics, poorly designed and managed warranty policies and inadequate solution testing. By looking at the totality of warranty events, instead of focusing solely on hardware failures, we have developed new ways to manage warranties and warranty costs. Read more here

Product design for X

Balanced product portfolio design with e2e operational considerations. All visible logistics and landing cost plus hidden costs in inventory, operational complexity and warranty support. For the potentially applicable owned proprietary technologies access the relevant US patent application here

Partnership for results

Project driven consulting engagement with measurable outcomes. Cutting edge technology and management science services provided to businesses through tested and effective workflows.


The Problem of Finding the Problem

It often occurs that the major contribution of our work is to decide what is the real problem. Let us know your concerns and your ideas where your business can improve and through our partnership this will serve as a basis for uncovering the full spectrum of opportunities


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